eco-symbols update 1

February 6, 2008

Tidying up some loose ends.

Thanks to Dan, who’s very promptly sent me the free logos he promised. One with the Earth: An idea on time.

Energy Star – more International partnerships and another logo. Energy Star: Leading energy efficiency across the Atlantic.

Indian Ecomark – a second official source for information. Indian Ecomark – Economical, even with the symbol.

And I’ve identified some other things to find out. So, a work in progress entry, as I don’t intend to forget about the ones I’ve already looked at.

This entry updates parts of the Infomancy Eco-Symbols Series.

symbol - One with the Earth

Last week I wrote about Dan Poresky’s One with the Earth symbol, which he created for use as a universal environmental symbol.

I wrote to Dan asking for his comments, particularly as I’d raised issues in a public forum. He replied in detail. So I’m pleased to publish his response and comment on how far it met my concerns.

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symbol - One with the Earth

One with the Earth is a symbol intended for anyone to show any kind of environmentally-friendly activity or support, a “universal symbol for environmental awareness”.

It’s quite the opposite of the last symbol I wrote about: Recycle, a graphic design for a commercial advertising campaign for a second-hand bookshop, a particular form of recycling.

Will it work?

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