There are lots of eco-labels for different purposes, and lots of words to name them.

Perhaps as more people write about ecological issues, the tags will help link more articles together.

This list is based on ecolabel in the GEMET Thesaurus(Eionet) and ecolabel on OmegaWiki, with additions as I discover them. Eionet is the European Environment Information and Observation Network. GEMET is their GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus.

Български Bulgarian еко-етикет
Čeština Czech značka ekologická
Dansk Danish miljømærke
Deutsch German Ökomark, Umweltzeichen
Ελληνικά Greek οικολογικό σήμα
English English ecolabel
Español Spanish (Castillian) etiqueta ecolígica
Eesti keel Estonian ökomärgis, keskkonnamärgis
Euskara Basque ekoetiketa; etiketa ekologiko
Français French écolabel
Magyar Hungarian ökocímke
Italiano Italian marchio di qualità ecologica
Nederlands Dutch milieukeur(merk)
Norsk Norwegian (Bokmål) miljømerke
Polski Polish ekoetykieta
Português Portuguese rótulo ecológico
Русский Russian экоэтикетка
Slovenčina Slovakian ekologická značka
Slovenščina Slovenian ekonalepka
Suomi Finnish ympäristömerkki
Svenska Swedish miljömärke

I am making the information in the Table available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

If you know of any more translations, comment please!

This entry is part of the Infomancy Eco-Symbols Series.

symbol - One with the Earth

Last week I wrote about Dan Poresky’s One with the Earth symbol, which he created for use as a universal environmental symbol.

I wrote to Dan asking for his comments, particularly as I’d raised issues in a public forum. He replied in detail. So I’m pleased to publish his response and comment on how far it met my concerns.

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symbol - One with the Earth

One with the Earth is a symbol intended for anyone to show any kind of environmentally-friendly activity or support, a “universal symbol for environmental awareness”.

It’s quite the opposite of the last symbol I wrote about: Recycle, a graphic design for a commercial advertising campaign for a second-hand bookshop, a particular form of recycling.

Will it work?

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