The shop which has already set out its stall to get rid of packaging (Independent Online, Nov 14, 2007), “banishing non-biodegradable carriers from behind the till”, leaves shoppers to bring their own packaging.

Their website at Unpackaged shows that this isn’t just a one-off marketing ploy, but part of a coherent eco-friendly plan.

Where can I find good recycling symbols?If you want to use recycling symbols, finding decent graphics for print or web use is important. There may be plenty of information pages around, but the quality of the graphics is often poor: reduce and recycle, yes, but keep them good for reuse!

So here’s some pages of good (or at least interesting) graphics.

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Greenland of Opportunity

October 30, 2007

Arctic Ocean - political map

“We are afraid that the United States will take over Greenland if the Danes get out,” he says. “If Americans can take Iraq, then why not Greenland?”

Aqqaluk Lynge, head of the Inuit Circumpolar Council‘s Greenland chapter, in
As a land thaws, so do Greenland’s aspirations for independence,
CSMonitor, October 16, 2007.

Greenland‘s resources are astonishing. With a little more  climate change, they will be available to anyone with the desire to enjoy them.

All you could need? Here’s what’s on offer…

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