How can you tell if a blog has turned into a deadblog? Or when its owner is just too busy?

I expect to get back to regular blogging by the end of June. Meanwhile, from time to time, … perhaps something.

Switched off thinking 2

February 12, 2008

smashed computer monitor

If whatever I did to my PC looked like this, I might know why it doesn’t work. I move the PC less than two miles, no problem; I move the PC less than two feet, argh!

All my files trapped. 😦 Back next week!

[Image: “Broken Monitor“, Will Sherman, 2006]

Humbug, humbug!

December 27, 2007

Mint humbugs in jar Well, that’s enough festive cheer round here!

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turkey wishbone Left-over turkey is a tradition at Christmas. What to do with it? Make a wish?

Try Left Over Turkey Recipes from GroupRecipes 🙂

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Yule Web Log

December 25, 2007

Happy Yuletide 🙂

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It builds slowly, then it’s away with the fairies 🙂

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Switched off thinking

November 13, 2007

Two days with no flash drive reduces work (and blogging) to a trickle, which it’ll take a few days to recover from. Yesterday I transfer a couple of important files by floppy. (Yes, I still have some… you never know when you’ll need one!) Today I buy a new drive. I hand the broken one I can’t write to to a friend at work. He hands it back fixed. Less obvious than the one in the photo, he’s moved the stupid write-protect switch. It works. He laughs. And laughs. Yeah, enough already, mate!