How can you tell if a blog has turned into a deadblog? Or when its owner is just too busy?

I expect to get back to regular blogging by the end of June. Meanwhile, from time to time, … perhaps something.

Switched off thinking 2

February 12, 2008

smashed computer monitor

If whatever I did to my PC looked like this, I might know why it doesn’t work. I move the PC less than two miles, no problem; I move the PC less than two feet, argh!

All my files trapped. 😦 Back next week!

[Image: “Broken Monitor“, Will Sherman, 2006]

Humbug, humbug!

December 27, 2007

Mint humbugs in jar Well, that’s enough festive cheer round here!

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turkey wishbone Left-over turkey is a tradition at Christmas. What to do with it? Make a wish?

Try Left Over Turkey Recipes from GroupRecipes 🙂

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Yule Web Log

December 25, 2007

Happy Yuletide 🙂

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It builds slowly, then it’s away with the fairies 🙂

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Switched off thinking

November 13, 2007

Two days with no flash drive reduces work (and blogging) to a trickle, which it’ll take a few days to recover from. Yesterday I transfer a couple of important files by floppy. (Yes, I still have some… you never know when you’ll need one!) Today I buy a new drive. I hand the broken one I can’t write to to a friend at work. He hands it back fixed. Less obvious than the one in the photo, he’s moved the stupid write-protect switch. It works. He laughs. And laughs. Yeah, enough already, mate!

It’s not that I dislike or disapprove of sport, certainly not. I just don’t know much about it. Or do it often. This weekend I found several reasons which might change my mind.

Paddington Station was pretty busy on Friday evening. I’d timed my arrival there to catch the first “cheap” (which only means cheaper than standard fare) train out. So there’s the crowd for the 6.45pm train standing around, watching the departures board. The lights change and spell out “Platform 4”. It’s a lineout: they chuck the information overhead, and whoever catches it first gets to run for the best seat.

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