Peter Norrington

Currently I’m a research student. I’ve been a teacher, trainer, tutor; editor of a community magazine; worked in a bed-and-breakfast and a hotel; and miscellaneous other things too. More, all, less or none of this may matter here.

I like finding things out. I like connecting them together. I like using them. So this is about information and communication, means and ends, and what happens next.

Personal, professional, political, polemic, polite, poetic, prosaic, passionate. It’s me finding out about stuff, talking about it, attempting the dark art of knowing clearly.

If I’m mistaken about a fact, tell me what. If you think my reasoning isn’t reasonable, tell me how. I reserve the right to edit where I’m wrong, though I’ll leave notes. I reserve the right to have an opinion, not any of my employers’ opinion nor any of the other groups I might have ever been in, my opinion.

Observations, questions, responses, perhaps answers: looking for the thread through the maze of the future.

This is Infomancy.


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