Boxer Pre-Dyed Geometric

Asdumark didn’t respond to emails about their underwear advertising claims in GQ Magazine: ‘award winning’ designer underwear and promoting male fertility or helping spermatogenesis.

So I wondered what GQ Magazine would say about these adverts?

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Back in November I found an underwear advert from AsdruMark that I thought was making big claims without evidence.

Time for an update.

Now broadcasting icon Jeremy Paxman has complained about underwear, (inter)national awareness is up and it’s safe for men to come out of the top drawer.

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A step closer to the perfect black.

When I saw this I thought I was going to discover some really cool science. I still think it is.

But what I also found was a practical lesson in the erratic nature of science reporting.

Vertical carbon nanotubes blanket a silicon wafer to form a plush carpet. The diameter of these hollow, single-walled fibers is 10,000 times smaller than that of a human hair. Photo: Hongjie Dai, Stanford University

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Recycle campaign

Commercial advertising can produce some really eye-catching logos. This one, called “Recycle”, belongs to the ANA Book Store, Singapore, and has won a couple of prizes.

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Mens Underwear Store - Mundo Unico (1) Sensual Suspensor Black (2) Body Suit Black (3) Micro Boxer Suspensor Black Stories of stereotypical advertising, whether unintended bias or outright prejudice, are far from rare – whether it’s about TV, cinema, print or online campaigns.After looking at 30 online stores and 2 fashion shows, I wondered how Mundo Unico’s image comes over. This is, of course, not a scientific head, body or mannequin survey – but first impressions count when shopping: seeing is believing is buying, or not.

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Thong Colour Stripes

What’s the best shot to sell you underwear when you can’t touch?

Prefer full-frontal, side view, or backside? Close-up and personal or whole body shot?

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Classic Swim Trunk Yellow

Bikinis, boxers, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, briefs, full cut boxers, g-strings, jock straps, long underwear, low-rise briefs, mid-rise briefs, string bikinis, tangas, thongs, trunks … and whatever else the underwear industry can throw at us.

Would you know the difference if one hit you in the face?

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something to smile about

If you can’t touch, look! Check out Mundo Unico at the Colombiamoda 2006 and 2007 shows.

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Still can’t find information on awards for Mundo Unico underwear. Hmmm? No idea what the significance of this is. But if they have won awards, like it said in the advert in Package 1 – Big claims, we should be told!

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XXX Boxer Yellow Print

After much and inconvenient rooting around to find out the background to Mundo Unico underwear, at last I hit the gold seam: the story behind fashion and fertility with a social conscience.

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