predators and prey

The Google PageRank formula can be used to model changes to the structure of food webs in an eco-system.

Eco-systems often contain many different species which depend on each other in complex ways. Working out how population changes and extinctions affect the food web is difficult. But finding out which species are key predators and prey in these webs is vital if species or eco-systems are to be protected.

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Cuil search

Try searching Cuil for itself.

Cuil isn’t self-aware!

And some other strange results… neither by popularity nor relevance.

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Cool Cuil Knowledge

July 28, 2008

Cuil logo

Cuil‘s the new search engine on the block. Cuil claims it searches over 120 billion pages, “three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft”. Cuil says it uses relevancy, not just popularity.

Is it any good?

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Switched off thinking 2

February 12, 2008

smashed computer monitor

If whatever I did to my PC looked like this, I might know why it doesn’t work. I move the PC less than two miles, no problem; I move the PC less than two feet, argh!

All my files trapped. 😦 Back next week!

[Image: “Broken Monitor“, Will Sherman, 2006]

SC Magazine reports that Authorities question alleged New Zealand botmaster.

New Zealand authorities are questioning an 18-year-old man who they say is the head of a gang of cybercriminals that infected 1.3 million computers worldwide and crashed servers at a U.S. university last year.

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Moon footprint [NASA]

ChinaView reports that pictures by Chang’e-1 will not show U.S. astronauts’ footprints left on moon. What they don’t explain is that this is because the footprints aren’t there. After all, everyone knows the Americans never made it to the Moon, except in their dreams and a TV studio.

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acid-free paper symbolDiscussion and research continues on how to make digital archives available into the distant future. Meanwhile “old technology” still has much to offer. Paper, specifically acid-free paper, can last for hundreds of years.

Not quite an eco-symbol in the sense of being environmentally-friendly in material or production, but at least acid-free paper and permanent paper is made to last a very long time, which cuts down on long-term production and maintenance costs.

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