No U.S. footprints to be seen on Moon

November 21, 2007

Moon footprint [NASA]

ChinaView reports that pictures by Chang’e-1 will not show U.S. astronauts’ footprints left on moon. What they don’t explain is that this is because the footprints aren’t there. After all, everyone knows the Americans never made it to the Moon, except in their dreams and a TV studio.

The Chinese say their lunar orbiter’s camera doesn’t have the resolution to see footprints only 30cm long, but they’re just helping the U.S. “save face“, though who can tell which one. Not even the Hubble Telescope can help, it can only see things 60m across or bigger; but NASA would say that, wouldn’t they!

We will have to wait for the launch of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) in late 2008 for the next stage in this game. And game it must be, as it can’t be rocket science.

While you’re waiting, you can play on Google Moon. Choose “Apollo 11”, then “8: Gait experiments” for the very same spot where the astronauts didn’t walk.

For real rocket science, play Moon Cave. This really shows why the U.S. couldn’t have developed the right technology to get to the moon and back, never mind land on and take off from it.


3 Responses to “No U.S. footprints to be seen on Moon”

  1. Neil Says:

    It is a matter of fact that there is no WIND on the moon. Thus a flapping flag like seen in the MOVIE of Neil Armstrongs moon landing is not possible as well as the footprint which is also impossible on the moon with its very low gravitation. See how the moon landings were faked and why Neil Armstrong never ever went on the moon. Visit our web page

  2. Rangutan Says:

    People who cannot accept that man walked on the Moon are those that believe in aliens and horoscopes! The Russians never doubted the Moon landings because they were monitoring audi and visual signals comming directly from the moon and the Command Modules.

    I hope Chandrayaan-1 can supply the images but the new race to the Moon by the USA, China, India and Japan will as soon as 2020.

  3. infomancie Says:

    For anyone wanting to explore the no moon landing conspiracy theories, you could do worse than start here . Or you could do worse and start with the fakedmoonlanding blog above. (Just because the landings are used for political purposes doesn’t make them real.)

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