eco-symbols update 2

March 19, 2008

I’ve been in touch with the Green Achiever Scheme about concerns I raised in an earlier entry. The conversation with them gives some good answers, and then some more.

Jyotsna Kotian of Alok Industries Limited, an Indian textile company , commented on my EU Eco-labelarticle asking for some guidance on how to apply. Although I can’t give legal advice, at least I can point them in the right direction. Alok’s Environment, Health and Safety Policy commitments are straightforward and significant. Good Luck to them.

That lead to me correcting a big mistake (that I made) in that article, The EU Eco-label: flowering across Europe.

Two more sites for Recycling Symbols for Print and Web Designers.

Another Finnish site for the Nordic Ecolabel Swan: Scandinavian co-operation.

Edits to the tags to make them more consistent and to connect articles together, particularly Agenda 21. This led in turn to adding more content to Eco-Schools, to reflect its importance as a programmme fitting into Local Agenda 21.

This entry updates parts of the Infomancy Eco-Symbols Series.

Green Achiever registered status logo

The Green Achiever Scheme attracted my attention enough to contact them. Mandy Stokes, Director of E4environment Ltd which runs the Scheme, provided some answers to my initial questions, and has now provided more, increasingly overcoming my initial cynicism.

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Green Achiever registered status logo

Previously I expressed concerns about the Green Achiever Scheme and the requirements to reach its first level, “Registered”. So I wrote to the Green Achiever Scheme to put my questions.

Mandy Stoker, Director of E4environment Ltd, replied promptly. Firstly she gave a useful clarification of what the whole Scheme is about, and then answered some of my specific concerns.

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Green Achiever registered status logoProving one’s eco-friendly credentials may be the thing to do, but the Green Achiever Scheme left me cynical.

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