Green Achiever Scheme: three levels of what?

December 5, 2007

Green Achiever registered status logoProving one’s eco-friendly credentials may be the thing to do, but the Green Achiever Scheme left me cynical.

The Green Achiever Scheme is run by E4e Manager and Carbon UK, and offers three levels: Registered, Silver and Gold. It’s aimed at a site or company-wide assessment of environmental impact, rather than specific products, so it appears much like nationally endorsed schemes like Green Dot.

To reach the first level, all you have to do is… register! And what do you get?

  • A FREE environmental health check to highlight the areas where you may need to comply with environmental legislation.
  • Use of the Green Achiever Logo to use on your products and Point of Sale materials.
  • Registration on a public database to ensure that your customers and suppliers are aware of your environmental credentials.
  • A FREE monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of important environmental news.

The first sounds useful, as is hopefully the fourth – and they’re both free, which must bring a smile to a company’s budget.

The second and third leave me with concerns. You get a logo you can put on your packaging with no extra work, nothing, no assessment to pass, no standards to meet. The logo has “Registered” on it, who will understand what that is supposed to mean? And you get registration on a public database, which presents “Registered” as an “Award” level.

Now I have no objection to companies making money out of providing a service to other companies here: not all companies can afford to employ experts who can interpret and apply national or international legislation or guidance from standards bodies or advice from environmental specialists or groups. Being up-front about your fees may even be both remarkable and admirable. Auditing and re-auditing annually is naturally appropriate.

But issuing your own logo to your own standards?

There’s my cynicism. Or is it theirs?

Update – 2008/02/18: I asked, and they replied 🙂 . Green Achiever Scheme: some concerns registered and answered.

This entry is part of the Infomancy Eco-Symbols Series.


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