something to smile about

If you can’t touch, look! Check out Mundo Unico at the Colombiamoda 2006 and 2007 shows.

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Still can’t find information on awards for Mundo Unico underwear. Hmmm? No idea what the significance of this is. But if they have won awards, like it said in the advert in Package 1 – Big claims, we should be told!

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XXX Boxer Yellow Print

After much and inconvenient rooting around to find out the background to Mundo Unico underwear, at last I hit the gold seam: the story behind fashion and fertility with a social conscience.

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Boxer Suspensor - Formula 1 Short Leg Boxer Suspensor - Llamas

The unique suspensor design promotes male fertility.

You’re joking?! Or…

Seven words start a hands-on exploration of men’s underwear.

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