Reasons why I should train to love sport

October 8, 2007

It’s not that I dislike or disapprove of sport, certainly not. I just don’t know much about it. Or do it often. This weekend I found several reasons which might change my mind.

Paddington Station was pretty busy on Friday evening. I’d timed my arrival there to catch the first “cheap” (which only means cheaper than standard fare) train out. So there’s the crowd for the 6.45pm train standing around, watching the departures board. The lights change and spell out “Platform 4”. It’s a lineout: they chuck the information overhead, and whoever catches it first gets to run for the best seat.

Reason 1: If I’d learnt to take knocks on the legs, I’d survive the injuries caused by wheeled luggage. A hard, heavy box on wheels is still hard when it hits you and heavy when it runs over your feet.

Reason 2: If were bigger and stronger, I’d get through the scrum for the ticket gates quicker. It’s not just everyone for themselves, it’s you against everyone else.

Reason 3: As you’re struggling at the ticket gate, behind the idiot who puts their ticket into the slot upside down, you can see the massed chaos that is the other passengers-to-be streaming up the platform. Now I wish I could run faster.

Last time I made this trip, I stood as far as Bristol (if you don’t know where this is, it’s too far). Fortunately I managed to get onto the train and into a seat, unlike many; but complaining about the lack of seats belongs in another post.

Reason 4: As time went by, I realised that there were a lot of non-British accents in the carriage. If I’d known about sporting events, I’d have known it was New Zealand vs. France, and realised that the accent wasn’t Australian (equivalent to mistaking Canadian for US accents; my bad).

Reason 5: Also, If I’d known about fixtures, I’d have realised the train would be full! Perhaps this time ignorance was bliss.

Reason 6: I was travelling to help move furniture on Saturday and Sunday, much of it larger than I am. Today I can feel the effort in every muscle from my eyebrows to my toes. If I took more interest, at the level of doing, I might not hurt as much.

Reason 7: France is hosting the 2007 World Cup Rugby. So why is France playing in Wales? Would I understand that more if I’d taken more interest?

Although it seems that France’s center, David Marty, may have had a point when he said, “Maybe it’s better for everybody to be far away,” as France won. Curiously, that may or may not have been exactly what he said, as the French quotes don’t quite match.

Reason 8: If I’d taken an interest, I’d be able to talk about it in the office today, thus enhancing my social profile and finding an additional way of not working.

Despite my apparent lack of interest and although I only saw the last 10 minutes of the match, I actually found them quite exciting!

Maybe I do love sport, but I just don’t know it yet.


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