Male Underwear: Marketing the male package 11 – Advertising and reality

February 28, 2008

Boxer Pre-Dyed Geometric

Asdumark didn’t respond to emails about their underwear advertising claims in GQ Magazine: ‘award winning’ designer underwear and promoting male fertility or helping spermatogenesis.

So I wondered what GQ Magazine would say about these adverts?

An apology about offending me. I have to say (what I also said to them), I wasn’t offended. Just concerned at claims being made without evidence.

A couple of polite emails from GQ about how they take their adverts seriously, meanwhile indicating that they were passing my enquiry on to the right person to deal with this: always a nice customer service touch.

And a few days later, not just an answer, but an outcome! GQ are serious. Which really goes to reinforce GQ’s quality image.

The advert will remain unchanged in the next issue. (It’s in printing… and, hey, it’s not exactly worth stopping the presses for.)

After that, the copy will change, dropping the fertility / spermatogenesis reference, but keeping the ‘award winning’, as the product really has won awards. Will it keep the quote marks though?

What awards? I’ve asked that before.Looking at AsdruMark’s site new text has appeared! (It would be nice to be told this.) A whole extra section, Product Design Awards, on Unico Design Theory, where you’ll find…

Mundo Único has been rewarded as a symbol of a painstakingly sought excellence. DUPONT has rewarded the designs as follows:

2001 First Place in Men’s Underwear Fashion
Second Place in Men’s Beach
2002 Third place in Men’s Underwear Fashion
Third Place in Men’s Beach Fashion
Special Mention in Design

Why was it so hard to say this in the first place?!

I still have no idea what competition DuPont were awarding prizes in. Is this the Grand Prix of underwear awards?

I feel a little let down by these awards, both for distant dates and the lack of final touches of information. But if this had been on the site to start with, I’d probably just have passed over it and bought something anyway.

Incidentally, DuPont invented lycra – and lycra is used in the Unico Triple X range.

The final piece of this new section is:

However, the most important reward is the exclusivity and design recognition that Mundo Único uses to captivate its customers, adorning different showcases around the world.

Why was it so hard to write this in the first place?!

And you know what? Instead of all that inadequately backed up claims stuff, if the adverts just had catchy phrasing like this, I’d have thought, “Wow, looks good, sounds good.” Why? Because the designs really are different. Where patterns are involved, they’re obviously distinctive. Where the structure of the underwear is concerned, it too has an obviously distinctive shape – which other brands are starting to copy. Even so, still distinctive.

By the way – although I wasn’t going to say, the underwear is rather good. 😀

It’s strange having to find out about the AsdruMark Background page through a search engine. Get someone in who can organise your webpages into a menu! If you’re going to expand the site and the range of clothing you stock, the shopping experience has got to work. Half-cocked design loses business. (Although some say that any publicity is good publicity.)That experience includes dealing with enquiries you’re not so keen to get, and being straight-forward and up-front with product information, wherever published.Oh, and that disclaimer on the bottom of your webpages…?

While every care has been taken to ensure that the information in this website is accurate, both the owner and designers of the site, cannot accept any responsibility for omissions or inaccuracies appearing, or for any consequences arising therefrom.

Fine, everyone likes to have one of these, regardless of how much care has actually been taken. (Just like companies put disclaimers on emails, which aren’t that well tested in court.) But are you really sure as a retailer you can’t accept any responsibility for your website content?

And no responsibility even for the Design Theory text about the suspensor design…?

The suspensors unique design gives anatomical positioning to the penis and testicles while keeping separation between the body and the genitals allowing a lower testicular temperature in order to help spermatogenesis.

Boxer Suspensor Tucumano

Well, the anatomical positioning is about as clear as it gets … 😉

But spotted that bit about helping spermatogenesis?

Just because it’s copy on a website doesn’t make it right!

I’m surprised they haven’t found press articles and even a bit of cod-piece science to hold it up – though not firmly medically proven, at least to give it a little populist buff. Although there are other ways to avoid misrepresentation.

Update – 2008/02/28: 5 more online shops added to Package 9 – Buying Mundo Unico online.

Package 10 – Big claims, small response, and the consequence of ignoring a potential customer

This entry is part of the Male Underwear: Marketing the Male Package & Mundo Unico Series.


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