Male Underwear: Marketing the male package 9 – Buying Mundo Unico online

November 24, 2007

Unico Interior logo

Lots of pictures and info already. Now where can you buy or browse them online?

So now you want to buy? Or you just want to browse? Online shopping is perhaps quicker, certainly drier and covers a lot less distance than physical shopping. But you still need to know where you’re going. (And where not to go – more on that later.)

The online shops I’ve found useful so far are below: name, web address (front page) and country they ship from (as far as I know). Shops in this list are here because: they have Mundo Unico available on branded pages. [edit: Well, some claim to, but when you get there, the drawers are bare. On a few of them, use the search option to pull up the brand: “mundo” usually does the trick.] Some have dozens of styles, some carry a only a handful. There are other outlets in other countries, but this can’t be an exhaustive list – though I could add to it. They will probably all ship abroad and may charge in more than one currency. Currency fluctuations may make shopping abroad worthwhile! Mailing rates will vary.

Disclaimer: use this list at your own risk!

Company Website Country Notes USA USA USA  
AsdruMark UK  
Audace USA USA  
Brief Tales USA  
Erogenos USA  
Ethno-Mart Japan  
For Men Only South Africa  
Freshpair USA  
His Basic Wear Denmark  
HisRoom USA  
International Jock USA  
international male USA USA USA  
.com USA  
Mister Intimo Italy  
Moda Audaci USA  
MonsterMarketplace USA  
Mundo Unico Colombia / USA / Germany Official
On Your Bod Clothing Canada  
Priape Canada  
Skiviez USA  
SportsmenAsia Singapore  
Steven Even USA  
Topdrawers Canada  
UC-MAN Netherlands  
Undergear USA USA  
UnderwearProducts USA  
Unico Barcelona Spain Germany Germany changes browser interface Germany changes browser interface
Wyzman USA Spain  

Web addresses that aren’t shops

As far as I can tell, the following addresses are not related or are no longer related to the Mundo Unico brand. They lead to sites which claim to be search interfaces for underwear-related sites. They may or may not be legitimate. and .

As far as I can tell, the following addresses formerly belonged to legitimate shops. They now point to underwear search sites. (Attivo USA).

This entry is part of the Male Underwear: Marketing the Male Package & Mundo Unico Series.

Package 8 – Marketing prejudice and perfection

Package 10 – Big claims, small response, and the consequence of ignoring a potential customer

I started with a simple question: “The unique suspensor design promotes male fertility. You’re joking?!”

Nine entries and two weeks in underwear and I’ve found both more and less than I expected. I’ve had to scratch really hard to bring this lot together, but I’ve still got info itch.

I’m nosing into these issues (and possibly other things too), so I will be packaging up some more. But I need a little time,as this is a new area for me to be groping in the dark.

Mundo Unico Brasilian Thong Grey Comments are currently open to all (if I’ve set that up right). Please add some, or anything you’d like to know about, or any answers you have.

And for making it this far, this image at the bottom of the page is completely gratuitous!

Update – 2008/02/28: List revised +5 shops.

7 Responses to “Male Underwear: Marketing the male package 9 – Buying Mundo Unico online”

  1. Breaking News Says:

    Its back up!

  2. David Says:

    Mundo Unico great product for the male package, most customers report that they were amazed by the comfort of the support. Great Blog, good info.

  3. oli Says:

    Are there not any more EU sites? as the tax and shipping is quite hefty from US etc

    thanks for the info tho great products

  4. infomancie Says:

    Hi Oli,

    I update this list when I find new sites, or someone lets me know of one. If anyone knows of Euro-based online shops? I don’t track places that don’t have online ordering. There are some online resellers I haven’t included.

    Currently the USD to GBP is good (around 2:1), which off-sets shipping costs, as dollar prices are often just changed to sterling 1-to-1. (We pay over the odds for a lot of things compared to Europe.) The EUR rate doesn’t look too bad either. (

    I’m surprised you’re paying tax on top. I don’t think I have (US to UK). I’m no shipping tax expert, but it might perhaps depend on which US state you order from, as to whether they’ve put sales tax on.

    You could buy enough items with friends or family to make up an order with free shipping? Or buy some other items at the same time? (These work for me.) As long as the order isn’t too large, or you’ll pay tax as an importer.

    Perhaps you’d get a better rate for a large order from the official brand site (see listing)?

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