Male Underwear: Marketing the male package 3 – Lifting the nuggets

November 12, 2007

XXX Boxer Yellow Print

After much and inconvenient rooting around to find out the background to Mundo Unico underwear, at last I hit the gold seam: the story behind fashion and fertility with a social conscience.

I eventually located the Mundo Unico site, which as it’s “under construction” looks somewhat frayed. The U.S. (“Our Company”) and German (“Über uns” – About us) sections, though not yet the Colombian part, contain company information, which should be authoratative. Indeed it may be, but it’s surprising how differently the messages are tailored for these two markets.

The U.S. version:

Our Company

Established in 1996 by Nicolas Echeverri, a well known designer in Latin America and Europe, Unico brought new ideas and designs to the market; always keeping in mind that underwear must be comfortable and sexy.

Our company understands the need for quick response, dependability and convenience in today’s retail business market. For those reasons, Unico, which is manufactured out of Colombia, South America, has a Distribution center located in Miami, FL with more than 80,000 units in stock ready to ship to our customers in the US, CANADA & ASIA. This guarantees you to have our merchandise at your store 3 to 5 days after placing an order.

Our Product

Mundo Unico and Triple XXX feature more than 85 styles, 15 colors, and 5 sizes. We carry items ranging from the most classic styles to daring and unique designs featuring an array of vibrant colors.

Our collection includes Underwear, Body Suits, T-Shirts, Sleep Wear and Swimwear with comfort being the foremost aspect of design.

We at Unico believe that continued innovation is a key for retail success and we are proud to offer new collections every 6 months. We also offer the flexibility to customize our products according to your needs under our private labels programs.

The German version tells a similar story, but not quite the same. This is my (hopefully accurate enough) translation…


Nicolas Echeverri presented his designer fashion collection in Paris in 1986. After a 6-month stay in France, where he further expanded his experience in the fashion industry, he returned to Colombia with the vision of revolutionizing the product offer in the area of men’s underwear. Boring and uncomfortable underwear, which can be bought anywhere in the world, should be a thing of the past. The future should be a combination of biker and boxer shorts.

With this idea, he went to work and developed a totally new, unique product with the assistance of urologists, who supported with additional recommendations.

On the basis of these findings, Nicolas Echeverri tested many different sensuous textiles and ergonomic cuts in order to realize his idea.

And finally, after 8 years of hard work, he had developed a product that corresponded to his ideas and highest standards. The result is a very pleasurable, comfortable and very practical and contemporary male underwear range for the fashion-aware man of today. This was the birth of Mundo Unico, a label that has created a new era in men’s underwear.

The philosophy of Mundo Unico (C.I. Unico Interior S.A.) is not only to have commercial objectives in sight, but as much to pay attention to social aspects. Therefore, we use almost no automation, to ensure that there is sufficient employment for the employees. Last but not least, our product quality benefits from being almost 100% handmade.

Our products

Our cuts are both classic and avant-garde. We have an extensive range with numerous different models, both in form and in color. All designs are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

All styles offer the high wearing comfort and convenience of the Suspensor.

The development of the cuts takes into account that the scrotum should be kept at a temperature lower than body temperature. Non-observance such as the wearing of very tight and uncomfortable underwear risks damage to the sperm vesicles, possibly resulting in later infertility.

So, there it is. I learn a little more about the designer’s background and methods, the medical background, the fabric design, and the business’s commitment to social values.Yet, it’s still not all in one place, or even one language. There’s nothing sinister in this. Of course marketing messages will be cut to fit the audiences. The surprise lies in how different the messages are: the U.S. appears to be driven by convenience, range and change; the German market by quality, social impact and medical benefit. What are the Combians interested in?And now for one last nugget, from Atalap’s blog entry Successful Entrepreneurs after 40 (my translation from the Spanish),

For his part, Nicolás Echeverri never imagined he would develop a large company. He began with a sewing machine and an idea for 40 years, applying his expertise in design, and now competes internationally with firms like Calvin Klein in the male underwear business.

Soon I’ll find what the prizes were!

This entry is part of the Male Underwear: Marketing the Male Package & Mundo Unico Series.

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