Eco symbols: logging their growth

November 12, 2007

Things started innocently enough. I tried to answer a question: what does the Green Dot mean? Several websites later I had most of the answer. But by now I was mesmerized by recycling symbols, environmental labels and eco symbols, each offering guidance to a greener pasture. And I’d taken a recycling symbols quiz, and didn’t get 100%.

So now I’ll have to find out about the others.

I found the information available frustrating:

  • poor quality graphics, without clear sources or information on how to use them properly or their ownership;
  • incomplete information (though how complete can things ever be?) on individual symbols, which isn’t much help when you have to go through several pages to piece things together;
  • missing links to organizations that created, own or manage some of them;
  • and a lack of general picture resources (free or otherwise).

So now I have a series: This entry is part of the Infomancy Eco-Symbols Series.

This is/will be a collection of links to general sources of information which I’ve found useful in building up this series of eco symbol entries. They will appear as and when I have time. The really handy links that relate directly to each symbol are in the entries themselves.

(I will add to this list if I find really useful ones.)


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