Male Underwear: Marketing the male package 2 – Rooting for information

November 11, 2007

Unico Boxer Suspensor - Green Block Stripes

Looking for evidence to support retailer AsdruMark‘s
claim that Mundo Unico underwear’s “unique suspensor design promotes male fertility”, I started to investigate the brand marketing.

Piecing the brand’s identity and the products’ key statements together proved to be a stiffer challenge than I anticipated.

So, what little information about the Mundo Unico brand I’ve discovered so far (and about the two lines currently on offer, Unico and Triple X) has been by a convoluted path from UK distributor AsdruMark via Google to the German Mundo Unico websites and back via Google to an otherwise inaccessible AsdruMark page.

There’s more though, but it’s stitching a design together without the pattern. Follow the treasure trail of information, or skip to the summary.

The 1stshot blog Underwear page which turned up early on in the search provided a few new photos, an additional source (MaleBasics) and little information – except for the really important news to:

“select one size up from what you’d normally buy as they do tend to be made somewhat tight. Also, their mesh fabric ones have a tendency to shrink even more after a few washes.”

How seriously should this advice be taken? AsdruMark’s on-site sizing information is – Small: 28″ – 30″; Medium: 32″; Large: 34″ and Extra Large: 36″ – 38″. So if smalls should be wearing medium, who wears the smalls! Just to add a touch of confusion, those sizes are for the Unico range; the Triple X range is 1cm wider.

Yet elsewhere, Erogenos (U.S.) has – Small: 28″ – 30″; Medium: 32″ – 34″; Large: 36″ – 38″ and Extra Large: 40″ – 42″. So for more confusion, there’s an additional size and the sizes aren’t assigned to the measurements the same way! This may or may not be due to different U.K. and U.S. standards for S/M/L/XL sizes. Is there any more fun to be had by adding European sizes (and measurements) into the mix?!

The question about taking a larger size up hasn’t gone away either.

The (U.S.) MaleBasics site provides some real information about the two product lines (Unico and Triple X).

Unico underwear is one of the world’s finest manufacturer’s of briefs, thongs and other men’s sexy underwear on the market today. Made with high quality materials to give great comfort and support, Unico is more than sexy men’s underwear; they are some of the most accommodating men’s briefs and thongs in the world. Mundo Unico brings many color and trends to the men underwear market.

Triple X underwear is made of soft fabrics, where cotton and lycra are the main components, it features all the designs of Unico Underwear and the same quality in sawing (sic) and elastics, The fabric tends to be Lighter than Unico Underwear, however it feels cooler than Unico, plus it has more daring colors and cool designs like (…).

Meanwhile, I found Steven Even, a U.S. distributor of the Unico and  Triple X ranges, who says, “Unico underwear is one of the most famous brands in men’s underwear category. Unico is the creator of the world wide legendary Suspensor Design.” It had never occured to me that an underwear design could be legendary!

Back to AsdruMark – information light product pages, Unico and Triple X – and their exhibition stand at Erotica 2007. Now we find the text that should have appeared on their website! Small parts of it were there, but this really expands things.

AsdruMark import established and successful Unico Underwear from Columbia to Europe already and have now opened a shop in England.

Theirs is a top end underwear product which has already won international acclaim and ranks highly along side other leading designer labels, surpassing most of them in design, quality and comfort.

Unico, now a decade old, were founded as an answer to the oft-neglected male market in sexy undies. Several characteristics set the product aside from others – Unico materials are cotton with a minimum weight of 233 grams, with soft and flexible elastics to avoid skin prints.

Their ‘suspensor’ design is included in all of their products. It has three essential benefits that have led other male underwear manufacturers to follow their design. One is that the suspensor helps to maintain men’s genital care by giving an anatomic position to the genitals: thus keeping a separation thus allowing a lower testicle temperature, which is healthier in the long term. Then the aesthetic impact is that of sleekness of the form, flattering to any shape. And finally, the patterns themselves have a relaxed structure, thus giving the best body adjustment and therefore becoming a second skin.

How hard can this be?! Hard enough, to search some more … says of Mundo Unico,

Unico Underwear by Mundo Unico is unique because of the absolute absence of seams in the inner part of the Boxer Brief, this will prevent any bulky sensation generated by the seams on the insides of the underwear. Finally the most advance feature in Unico Underwear is the pouch or suspensor, in leading investigations made in Colombia by urologist they have seen that this pouch regroup the genital area and separate it from the legs reducing the temperature drastically in physical activities, like jogging, cycling hiking and other sports like baseball and football. In Colombia, Unico Underwear has been used by many Colombian Soccer stars like Leonel Alvarez.

And HisRoom says of Mundo Unico,

Mundo Unico underwear is a men’s apparel company based in Columbia. Developed by Nicolas Echeverri, Unico has been noted for its introduction of Lycra, elimination of seams, and color to its products. As a major medical point, their under apparel line lowers the temperature of the male seminal valves thus lowering the risk of diseases associated with the area. Mundo Unico underwear is full of bright and fun colors in all of their products including the Suspensor Boxer, and Suspensor Trunk.


After a bit of a trawl… perhaps here’s the basis for some interest-arousing blurb…

Unico Multi Stripes

A decade old from Colombia, this is a high quality brand, indeed one of the most famous brands, ranking with or above other designer brands (criteria measured how?), founded to cater to the male market. It’s got an original technical design (that suspensor thing.. patented? design-protected?), designed by Nicolas Echeverri and tested by a urologist. The high quality materials are cotton with a minimum weight of 233 grams, with soft and flexible elastics (lycra or spandex) to avoid skin prints, with no seams in the inner part of the boxer brief. The use of lycra and elimination of seams are innovations of this brand. It has three essential benefits that have led other male underwear manufacturers to follow their design: genital care, sleekness of form, and patterns with a relaxed structure adjusting to the body like a second skin. Mundo Unico brings many trends and bright and fun colors to the men’s underwear market, and it has (Colombian) soccer star support, including Leonel Álvarez. (Oh, and choosing the right size may or may not be obvious!)

With so few physical outlets in the UK, surely quality in the text description can only help to support the photos to promote the brand.

Still no sign of the awards it’s supposed to have won, but progress nevertheless!

This entry is part of the Male Underwear: Marketing the Male Package & Mundo Unico Series.

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